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Foster Care Scholarships

St. Louis Cares Southeast Alumni has reaffirmed its commitment to establishing Southeast scholarships for St. Louis foster care youth who have "aged out" between the ages of 18 and 22.

The board recognizes the special needs of this local group of St. Louisans, many of whom wish to attend a university but, due to their disadvantaged history, are uniquely unable to do so.

According to the Missouri Department of Family Services, more than 100 St. Louis foster-care youth formally leave state supported services as they enter adulthood, but with little financial ability to chart their future.

St. Louis Cares Southeast Alumni has been able to heighten public awareness of these local foster care youth, who no longer receive public attention and support, and create a public willingness to provide financial support, enabling those youth who desire so, to attend a highly credible regional Missouri university.

The board's commitment to St. Louis foster care youth has been a cornerstone of the organization's mission and is likely to be the board's most galvanizing and most significant contribution to the St. Louis community.

The board invites fellow alumni, and anyone wishing to support St. Louis foster care youth who have reached adulthood and who desire to acquire a university education, to support the cause by:

  • Attending meetings to provide input or join the team.
  • Making a direct donation to the endowment from this website.
  • Assisting with special alumni events to raise funds for the endowment.
  • Offering guidance and support to a scholarship recipient.

Please join us.

Latest News


The Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority, more widely known as MOHELA, has a made a donation to the St. Louis Cares Southeast Alumni of $20,000 to establish an endowed scholarship for St. Louis foster care youth wishing to attend Southeast Missouri State University.

The donation was presented to Bill Holland, Vice President of University Development, Southeast Missouri State University by Ray Bayer, Jr., CEO of MOHELA, during a recent St. Louis Cares Southeast Alumni monthly meeting, held at the MOHELA corporate headquarters in Chesterfield.

The MOHELA donation enables St. Louis Cares Southeast Alumni to honor what had been a tentative financial commitment to its first award recipient for the upcoming 2013 academic year, Javon of Ballwin.

St. Louis Cares Southeast Alumni has launched an aggressive year-long campaign to bolster scholarship funds for St. Louis foster care youth through formal appeals to local philanthropic foundations and through the solicitation of local corporate donations.

St. Louis Cares board member, Judy Leo, noted that "We are really heartened by the interest expressed by so many local organizations to our desire in helping St. Louis foster care youth who wish to attend Southeast".

In its short tenure, the creation of the foster care scholarship program appears to have successfully galvanized considerable local public and private support.

Annie Wersching

Annie Wersching. You may know her as FBI agent Renee Walker, sidekick to Keifer Sutherland in the hit TV series "24". Annie graciously agreed to participate in a brief series of fund raising activites here in St. Louis to establish an endowed scholarship in the name of her parents, Frank and Sandy Wersching (Alums '65).

Annie expressed a desire to reserve the endowed scholarship to St. Louis youth wishing to study Theatre at Southeast's River Campus: The Earl and Margie Holland School for the Visual and Performing Arts.

The scholarship's premiere fundraising event was held on October 26, at the home of Mary Strauss, in the Central West End of St. Louis. Mary Strauss is co-owner of the Fox Theatre.

Annie's fundraising tour also includes a one-day master class with current student actors at Southeast's main campus in Cape Girardeau, to be scheduled in the months to come. On that day, she will participate in a Q & A session with faculty, students and community arts contributors at the River Campus.

Annie has expressed her deep appreciation for the recognition that her parents will receive as major SEMO alum contributors to the St. Louis community.

Annie is best known for playing opposite Kiefer Sutherland as FBI special agent Renee Walker on the hit Fox television series "24" but recently joined the cast for the second season of "Dallas" and will be appearing in the mid-season ABC premiere of "Body of Proof" in the coming weeks.

Annie Wersching Reception Entertainment: Southeast Student Performers


Diana, The People's Princess Exhibit Fundraiser

"Not only have you given me the chance at preparing myself for the future, you have also given me the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of other people and become a mentor to those in my community."

Our 2012-2013 Foster Care Award Recipient

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